Life During The Battle

The Battle Of Palo Duro Canyon was fought on September 28,1874. It was the most decisive battle of the Red River Campain. Many Plains groups found it a favorite campground. During this battle the Fourth Cavalry, under Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie, set fire to the Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne villages. In conflict that followed sadly a few lives were lost but the troops captured valuble supplies and 1,424 horses and mules. Without food, shelter, or horses the Native Americans could not survive long. Mackenzie also had over 1,000 horses killed so that the Native Americans could not try to retrieve them. After a whole lot more of being tortured, the remaining bands of Comanches the Kwahadies surrendered in June 1875 at Fort Still in Indian territory.

About the Colonel

The Battle was a majior one in the Red River Campain . Colonel, Ranald S. Mackenzie fought in many other battles. A few other battles he fought in were: the Adobe Walls Battle Field, the Camp Cooper battle field, the Camp Hudson battle field, and many more. Most of the battles he fought in were in Texas. The battle of Palo Duro Canyon is still remembered well today and the canyon is often visited.