Shining Bright in 4th

4th Grade News

Week of October 11th and October 18th

Happy Fall!

This week is parent/teacher conferences. If you have not signed up and would like to meet with us, please reach out. I know Dr. Murphy and Mr. Bell's sign up is full so an email to them would be the best. If your child is in Mrs. Tuttle or Mrs. McMillion's class, please go to the sign up genius that was sent to your email last week to sign up.

Please remind your child that they should be reading nightly and to practice those multiplication facts regardless if they are struggling or not. This will help all of them!

We hope you have a great next few weeks and hope to see many of you next week at our Trunk or Treat!

~4th Grade Teachers

What's happening in.....

Math: We are continuing multiplication and will have out unit test on Thursday. Practice your facts at home!

Reading: Students are discovering the purpose of text features such as photos, subtitles, fact boxes, bold words, etc. We will also begin discussing figurative language and how it can make our writing even better.

Writing: This week we will talk a lot about coordinating conjunctions, or FANBOYS. This seems to be a struggle for them so you can always have them practice at home.

Ex: independent clause, coordnating conjunction independent clause.

I really wanted to play outside, but I had to finish my chores first.

The audience cheered loudly, for I hit the ball over the fence. *This is a struggle since they don't normally use 'for' in replace of because. I tell them that it's the fancy version.

Science: We're exploring how electrical circuits conduct energy.

Social Studies: We will be learning about the tribes that were first in Texas before the European and Spanish explorers started settling here.

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Dates to Remember:

October 11-15: Homecoming dress-up days

October 15: Parent/Teacher conferences - no school for students

Homecoming Parade at 2pm.

October 18: Staff Development day- no school for students

October 21: Trunk or Treat 6:00-7:30p.m.

October 25-29: Red Ribbon Week (details to follow)

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