Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Time to make the Change!

Global Citizen is an intensive international volunteer abroad experience that enables you to work on projects that impact social issues. Empower communities by developing the people and enabling them to develop a more sustainable and healthy future.

Now you take this opportunity to take this experience and make the change.

Live in Perú.

Perú with population of 30 million, is the 4th largest country in South America. It is an extremely diverse country, with a huge variety of scenary thanks to it’s geography and solo a wide range of natural resources. Part of this acient society still lives today in each town and can be seen through the customs of the people and the Peruvian culture.

Cost of live.

· Bottle of water : 0.47 USD · A cup of coffee :1.57 USD

· Soda :0.63 USD · Fast Food meal :4.70 USD

· Family size pizza – 11 USD · Bus ticket:0.47 USD

· Taxi (1km) : 1.57 USD · Souvenir Tshirt:15.67 USD

· Nightclub entrance :12.54 USD · Nearby beach trip:47.02 USD

*Dollar quotation: 1 USD = 3.19 PEN


AIESEC UDEP is a committee that continually grows and with 3 years history is a reference point breaking schemes in GCDP. We are committed to always deliver an amazing and powerful experience to our incoming and outgoing students!


An important thing about an internship is definitely the multicultural experience. So, on peaks, AIESEC UDEP has a team that is especially dedicated to deliver the opportunity of getting to know more about the city, the culture and to develop their leadership through induction seminars, tours around town and trips to nearby cities.

Raise your Voice.

Its a educational proyect that wants to internalize in young people criterias of selfesteem, superation, and motivation with the finality of counteract bullying.

This project develops in the school “El Milagro” located in Chorillos.

  • Vission: Be the biggest anti-bullying proyect of the world, able to create committed leaders with their social environment.
  • Mission: Bring multiculturalism to schools and enhace the strengths of young people powered by self-confidence, love, team work and leadership.

Learn and Live.

It's a Proyect that looks for strengthen and promote the learning of languages on an environment that stimulates the cultural diversity and the interaction of Peruvian students with other people around the world.

  • Vission: Foment leadership based on sport and cultural activities developed during the proyect, with a multicultural approach
  • Mission: That young and children older of 10 years develop and learn a new language on a multicultural environment, and bring them the opportunity to be with students from native countries of these languages.
This project develops with “Aldeas Infantiles SOS”
Aldeas Infantiles: Conoce el trabajo voluntario de Marcus y Grace

Our activities during you experience.

1. IPS - Incoming Preparation Seminar an event where we seek to break the cultural shock through various activities.

2. PANDA AWARDS: is an event where we reward and recognition the skills of trainees during the project.

3. LC ACTIVITIE: time to share time with our local comitte. We organize some activities to share some time together.

4. WALKING ACTIVITY: walking Activity is a tour where usually we travel within or outside Lima


About the TN FEES.

EP Fees: $20
Transaction (Pick up)+ Activities (IPS – Panda Awards) + Some emergency: $20



For all the volunteers who begin this incredible experience in our country and who will be a part of the change and the positive impact Perú!

Marina Morales Schebesta

Vice President of Incoming Exchange for Community Development Program of AIESEC UDEP.

Yuliana Grajeda Tristán.

Pproject Manager of Standards and Satisfaction of AIESEC UDEP.