Billie Holiday

By Abby Hogan


Billie was one of the most influential jazz singers. She was born April 7,115 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She had the best vocalists of all time. She had a career as a jazz singer for many years until she started to abuse drugs. When she moved to New York thats when her career started to the off.
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More about Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday had a difficult early life, but she found comfort in listening to music. She moved to New York and started singing in local clubs. At the age of 18 Billie already made her fist album "Your mothers son in-law". Her boyfriend introduced her to drugs and when her mother died she started drinking, this caused her to have a major setback. Billie Holiday shared her great voice to many Americans. Billie was also arrested for conviction at age 18. When Billie died at age 44 more than 3,000 people showed up to say goodbye. She influenced many other performers to follow in her footsteps. Billie holiday was put in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 with Diana Ross handling the honors.
Billie Holiday - Mini Bio