The Treasure Map

September 16--September 22

Week in Review

Monday, September 16

  • 4th Grade Common Planning 9:00-9:38 (A week); 2:45-3:45 (B week)
  • 1st Grade Common Planning 2:30-3:30 (A week); 1:30-2:10 (B week)
  • 3-5 MAP testing window open
  • Morton and Austin to Rock Wall
  • Begin Open Check out in Media Center- Merri Anna to send out details regarding times for this due to continued iPad deployment responsibilities.
  • Rhonda at writing training at the DO

Tuesday, September 17

  • 3-5 MAP testing window open
  • 9:55 - 10:35 5th Grade data meeting (bring data from Rhonda)
  • 3:00-4:00 Leadership Meeting- We will focus on the School Improvement Plan

Wednesday, September 18

  • 5th Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:30
  • K Common Planning 12:35-1:20
  • 3-5 MAP testing window open
  • 7:30-9:00 LATE START-We will meet at Old Pointe Elementary- please see below for additional details. Also, see below for late start related arts schedule.
  • 3:00 Crystal at a Principal's Forum with Governor Haley.

Thursday, September 19

  • 7:30 Crystal at Principal Network Meeting
  • 2nd Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:45
  • 3rd Grade Common Planning 8:00-8:45
  • 5th Grade Common Planning 9:55-10:35
  • 3-5 MAP testing open

Friday, September 20

  • 3-5 MAP testing window open
  • Terrific Kid (be sure you have contacted parents)

Saturday, September 21

  • Happy Birthday, Carole Cosper!

Sunday, September 22

October 9 will be a Late Start day; NOT October 16 as originally published in the district calendar.

Intervention and RTI

The link below you will take you to see the intervention schedule and RTI responsibility distribution.

We will be using remediation funds to pay Jo. Humphries and Julie Smith. These two teachers will meet with grade levels to determine your needs for remediation and RTI. These meeting dates will be determined soon.

The first step when you are concerned about a child is to discuss your concerns and develop strategies with your PLC team, implement those strategies and allow time for change. Then, revisit with your PLC if things are not getting better within 4-6 weeks of intervention (which can include Jo and Julie for grades 2-5 or may involve flexible grouping within your grade level.) After this, the RTI formal process can be started if necessary. So, on your PLC agenda set aside some time to discuss children and share strategies for intervention. More information to come!

The Fine Points

  • Science Techbook Training Part 2 is now if MyLearning PLan. There are four options.
  • State Farm agents Rett Rutland and Rob Joiner would like to recognize 10 boys and 10 girls each month. The criteria is simple (attitude, attendance and academics) and is left to the teachers to select the individuals they feel are the most deserving. Each of the monthly recipients will receive a certificate and a voucher for free tickets to Winthrop sporting events. Rob and Rett would like to come and present the winners each month and they would be joined by players, coaches or Big Stuff. The presentations will be the third Tuesday of each month starting September 17 at 11:30. This month fifth graders will be recognized.
  • The process for ordering school lunches for Field Studies has changed. Beginning today, please send Heather (Thomas) an email AS SOON AS YOU SUBMIT THE FIELD STUDY REQUEST forms to Rhonda and/or Crystal. She needs the date and location of the trip. She will need an email listing the NAMES OF STUDENTS needing a cafe lunch 2-3 days prior to the trip. The new process does not include the use of a printed class list. Heather will be able to use the email to plan for the lunches and charge the students' accounts.

    As a double check, please also include in the email the names of any students with FOOD allergies.

    Please email her any field studies you have ALREADY submitted this year.

    Thank you for being patient as new processes are streamlined.

If you are anything like me you need a checklist to make sure all of the new field trip procedures are complete. Once you turn in your field trip request you will be given a checklist indicating that your field trip has been approved it will also include the cost per child and the additional things you need to do to complete the field trip process. Once these items are completed you will sign off on each one (only one checklist per field study needs to be completed) and return a copy of this completed sheet to the office. We will discuss these new procedures more in leadership.
A HUGE thank you to Glenda for putting this checklist together and for her help in streamlining this process!

  • All of your students were uploaded last week to Discovery Education. This will give teachers the ability to use this resource for the Techbooks, Streaming content, and all of the other great things that Discovery Education offer.

    For most students, the username is the following: FirstnameLastnameRH (there were a few that this differs)

    The password is: rhsd3.

    If you have any questions, or need students added, feel free to contact Chris Odom or one of the other instructional specialists.

  • If your class still is in need of textbooks please let me know (other than Mr. Morton and Ms. Austin). We will set up a time for check out.
  • If you are a 3, 4, or 5 grade teacher and would like copies of the "old" math textbook to use as a resource in your classroom please let me know. These can be used by students but can't be given to students to keep to "play school."

Welcome Ms. Heather King!

Ms. King will be assisting Mrs. Hiott and her kindergarteners! Let's all show her a fabulous Pirate welcome!

Shout Out

Mrs. Howe's class would love to thank Mr. Morton for lending us his one and only
iPad today during our science lesson so that each group could have some

BIG Shout Out!!!!

There are not sufficient words that would describe how smoothly iPad deployment went for fourth and fifth grade!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Merri Anna, Van, Heather, and Shemia for working so diligently for IHES! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

The Late Start Low-Down

Certified Teachers,

As many of you know by now, four schools are teaming up for customized late start professional development. India Hook, Old Pointe, Rosewood and Mt. Gallant are partnering to provide choice and flexibility during late start sessions based on survey data you contributed to in the spring.

The first late start is Sept. 18, 2013. For this late start session India Hook teachers will travel to Old Pointe. The goal of this late start session is to participate in cross school collaboration with teachers at the same grade level. You might want to think about notices and “ah ha’s” that you may have had during your grade level data meetings. You might also want to bring any unique ideas you have for organizing running records, anecdotals, MAP data, F and P data, etc....anything that you think might help another team of teachers. Also, think about your team’s instructional strengths and areas of need. How can we give and receive instructional support?

Each grade level will have a facilitator either from Old Pointe or India Hook. This facilitator has been provided questions to help keep conversation going, we hope to create a relaxed atmosphere where you feel comfortable getting ideas regarding instruction from another school and sharing what is working at our school.

There are no rules for this meeting, the ultimate goal is to share and get information from other schools that will benefit children. The conversation will go where you take it and you will get out of this session what you put into it!

The sessions will run from 7:30-9:00. Assistants will be asked to cover hallway duty until you can get here on Wednesday if it is your morning duty day. If adjustments need to be made in the future we will do this.

Kindergarten will be in room D112

First grade will be in room D113

Second grade will be in room C131

Third grade will be in room C127

Fourth grade will be in room B119

Fifth grade will be in room B125

Special area teachers who do not have department meetings should choose a grade level they feel they could benefit from learning about and attend that meeting.

Those of you who have children who attend IHES who require child care during late start, please feel free to drop your child off here and then come to the late start meeting.

For second through fourth late start dates we have asked for your fellow colleagues to present on topics chosen by you on the survey you completed in the spring. More information on this, including a sign up genius link will be sent soon!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about late start on Sept. 18, 2013.This should in no way be a source of stress for you, these should be relaxed sessions, there is no right or wrong way of student centered collaboration!


Late Start Related Arts Schedule

10:45-11:30 4th Grade
12:35-1:20 3rd Grade
1:30-2:15 5th Grade

Future Events

  • If you are interested in ordering an iRock t-shirt please see Rhonda Kelsey. Cost is $10.00 and the last day to order is Sept. 27.
  • Oct. 8 - Children's Opera Theater 8:15 (K-2); 9:15 (3-5)
  • October 9 will be a Late Start day; NOT October 16 as originally published in the district calendar.
  • Oct. 17 - GT (grades 3 and 4) on field trip to IMAX "Flight of the Butterflies" at the Discovery Place
  • Oct. 18 - GT (grade 5) on field trip to IMAX "Flight of the Butterflies" at the Discovery Place
  • November 12, 15, 19, and 21 from 9:30-10:10am and 10:15-10:55am - 4th grade swimming....details to follow

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What does "Zone of Proximal Development" mean to you? How do you apply ZPD to instruction?