By Meridan Boyd


Have you ever heard of the country Brazil? It is quite big and is home of some of the most exotic creatures.

what a cool flag

Did you know each of the colors of brazils flag repersent something?

  • green=stands for the rain forest in brazil
  • yellow= stands for the gold
  • blue= stands for the butiful brazilian sky

So Exotic!

Brazil is home to many exotic creatures like the yellow crested croc and the pink dolphin.

So Colorful!

Wow look at all the color! This is a national holiday for brazil it's called carnival it's foul of folats and dancing and every float means something to the brazilian people.
Brazilian Carnaval - Rio de Janeiro

Such A Big Country!

Brazil's country is one of the largest in the world in fact I couldn't fit the whole country inside this picture.


  • If you were to plant crops you should plant them is Brazil and not Greenland.
  • The whether is very different from the tropical climante of Brazil to the artic climate of Greenland.
  • The animals are way different dolphins and seals wow thats different.
  • The flags Greenland flag isint even green.

Thats a lot of coffe!

Did you know Brazil is known for the most and best tasting coffee! It's really good.

Asia... in Brazil?

Did you know 1000 percent of Brazil's people come from Asia

A Brazilian goodby

Goodby for now or as the brazilians say OI!