Rainbow Loom

The Best and Creative Toy Ever

Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom is a type of toy that you make bracelets or other Stuff with a object that you place the bands and hook the bands. There is a lot of different designs in the Rainbow Loom Company. On Youtube type ' Rainbow Loom' it will show you a Website on how to make Rainbow Loom. Her name is Suzanne she shows how to make Rainbow Loom On her Channel!!

Kinds Of Bracelets

I know Starburst, Zippy Chain, Ladder, Hexafish, Double X, Inverted Hexafish, Fishtail, Inverted Fishtail, Triple Single, Pencil Grip and all different kinds of Designs in the Rainbow Loom

About Camille

Camille Is an Artistic Girl that is really smart but she worked very hard on this Rainbow Loom Smore.