Jack and the beanstalk

By Shania Valdez

Paragraph 1

Once upon a time there lived a rich,selfish Prince named Jack.One day Jack was riding his horse,while he was on the horse he found a bean he had never seen a bean like that before.He brought it home then he started to think that it might bring him bad luck so he said “Who needs this bean anyway so he threw it out his window.

Paragraph 2

The next day Jack wondered why there was no sunlight so he looked out the window and he was shocked! There was a beanstalk growing in his garden he rushed outside and climbed the beanstalk.Then he thought it was a bad idea so he tried to go back but he was lost!

Paragraph 3

He cried,”Help,help.” But nobody was there so he kept walking incase he found the exit.After a few minutes he heard footsteps he said “Hello is anyone there I need to find my way back home.”Nobody was there “I‘m just talking to myself!” Then he heard growling he was so scared but he saw a castle in front of him.He heard a woman shouting out, “Help!” He slowly crept inside the castle trying to see who made that racket.

Paragraph 4

When he looked inside he saw a princess locked up in a cell. Jack tried to save her but she said, “Run before the giant comes!” But it was too late.The giant growled “Who dares to trespass my castle?

Paragraph 5

Jack didn’t know what to do.He saw a shiny sword.He forced the sword through the giant’s heart and saved the princess.They lived happily ever after.

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The End