By Elena Pearson, Brooklyn Kolstad, and Meghan Jones

" No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind"-Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Visits Jordan A Young Cancer Patient at Boston Children's Hospital | VIDEO

Be Happy

Glad, delighted, joyful, and gleeful mean the same thing, happy. This is also what you feel when you help someone out with anything, It is how you feel when you do something courageous, its how you feel when someone thanks you. today, or any day, Do something good, help someone out, make there day because it will make yours.
Helping the Homeless - Giving Out Lunch

The Kinder We Are The Happier We Become

Two recent studies show that giving to others makes us happier then when we buy for ourselves. Recent studies also show that if we were to be kind we could make a virtuous cycle that promotes long lasting happiness.

In one of the studies researchers took 86 participants and put them in one of three groups. One group was to do a act of kindness once a say for 10 days. the second group was to try something new everyday for 10 days also. The third group was given no instructions.The first and the second group experienced equal booths in happiness, the third group did not get any happier.