How Psychology Benefits Society

By: Rebecca Vykydal

Clinical Psychology

Psychology can benefit society by helping to understand disorders and by treating them. This type of psychology would be defined as clinical psychology. Clinical Psychologists assess and treat individuals with psychological disorders. Clinical Psychologists perform research focused on producing new treatments for disorders. For example, a clinical psychologist might study an individual with bipolar disorder and search for a way of treatment for that individual.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Psychology can benefit society by advising and improving businesses or organizations. This type of psychology is referred to as industrial-organizational psychology. Industrial-organizational psychology applies psychological concepts and research to benefit and improve businesses and organizations. For example, an industrial-organizational psychologist might perform personality tests on employees to see which individuals are best suited for the job.

School Psychology

Psychology can benefit society by treating learning complications in the learning processes of students. This type of psychology is called school psychology. School psychologists use psychology concepts to diagnose and treat behavior and learning complications in children. They work with educators and families to discuss behavioral and academic problems at school. For example, if a student is usually experiencing academic problems in class, a school psychologist might administer tests to determine if the student possesses a learning disability.