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Introducing Submissionary

Damon Myers-Jones despised the awkward hyphenated name forced upon him at birth because it represented two things Damon would rather forget: his adopted father’s death and his real father’s absence. Now thirty years old, newly engaged Damon struggles with the constant tug-of-war with the women in his life. His mother, Laverne Myers-Jones, who cloaked him with his name in the first place, wants to extend her influence to his choice of mate. Damon’s fiancée, Hope Daniels, can’t see beyond her longing to keep what she deems the perfect man and plans for her happily ever after. In a desperate attempt to find himself, Damon impulsively sets out on a mission's trip to Haiti in search of his birth father where he experiences a shift that changes his world. Will his personal mission coincide with what God has in store for him?

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The first few days of book sales are as important to an author as movie ticket sales for a film project. Submissionary is releasing on the leading book distributor, Amazon. com. I need your support in a major way to buy this book on April 8th. Consider it your Spring Break. This book is full of the soul-stirring drama and romance and embedded truths you've come to expect from my novels. In fact one early review proves:

Sherryle Kiser Jackson is to be commended for creating an emotionally authentic tale of redemption and one man's search for love. Fans of her other works will not be disappointed, and new readers prepare to discover your new favorite author.
Booker T. Mattison, filmmaker and author of Unsigned Hype and Snitch.

I need my French friends, Creole friends, and friends of Haitian descent. I want folks who have been to Haiti or neighboring Dominican Republic, or those who have dreamt of taking a vacation. I need avid readers, recreational readers and folks that have felt subpar at least once in their life to read, recommend and review this novel for me. Fly the banner, "I’m taking a Spring Break with the novel, Submissionary," in your twitter feed or FB post on release week to help spread the word.

Prepare to be impacted.

Onè ("honor")

Respè ("respect").

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