Daintree rainforest

Fragile Ecosytem(David Kauny)


The Daintree Rainforest is a tropicial rainforest that is located in Queensland, just north of Cairns. Daintree rainforest is a forest that was named after the first governor, Richard Daintree. It has been a magnificent rainforest from than and on.

Flora and Fauna found in the Eco system:

idiot fruit,fish tail palm,native hibiscus,banana,tree,leaf,strangler fig,selaginella,

fauna found in ecosystem

There are many Fauna and Flora in the Daintree such as: boyds, rainforest dragons, green tree frog, Green ant mimicking spider,golden orb weaver spider at sunset


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threats or Dangers

The daintree rainforest is the beat and soul of australia wet tropics.with the tribullation,settlement privately owned allotments within the daintree is escalating.