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This Link Will Grow & Change

As we work through the projects together, this link will grow and change as we help you access and understand the resources available to you.

LImitless Libraries

Most important resource to Students and teachers at MNPS!

Students have up to 25 resources to checkout and have delivered to the Hillsboro Library.

Teachers have up to 50 resources to checkout and have delivered to the Hillsboro Library.

Hillsboro Library Catalog is here. Library Catalog

  • Search by Title, Subject, or Author. (must be spelled correctly)
  • Sort by Books in Hillsboro library or available from Nashville Public Library
  • Sort by Format (Book, E-Book, Audiobook, Movie, Music)

Student Access: Library Card # is your student ID (190######) PIN # is your birthday without the year (MMDD) in 4 digits.

Teacher Access: Library Card # is your Employee ID (######) PIN # is 2022

Items in the HIllsboro Library are pulled daily and you will be emailed when they are available.

Items being delivered by Limitless Libraries are pulled daily and if available take 1-3 days to arrive depending on what location they are coming from. Nashville Public Libraries will email you when it is checked out, but the email from HIllsboro will be the one that lets you know when it has arrived in the Hillsboro Library.

How to Search a Book on LL Catalog

How to Access

Each Database & Resource that is purchased by Hillsboro, MNPS, or TEL will have a specific login information that can not be shared public. To access these details you will need to join the Hillsboro Library Schoology Group to access specific login directions. This will be found under "Resources" and then under "Library How To". The Group Code to Access it is:

Access Code


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Resource Specific Directions

Below you will find quick links to directions on how to access these tools that are essential for any research.


Noodletools is accessible through the Clever Portal and is where you will find Citation Help, Notecard Help, & Research Paper writing help! Specific directions can be found below.


Worldbook is an Encycopedia available to you through Tennessee Electronic Libraries, also known as TEL.


en·​cy·​clo·​pe·​dia | \ in-ˌsī-klə-ˈpē-dē-ə \

Definition of encyclopedia

: a work that contains information on all branches of knowledge or treats comprehensively a particular branch of knowledge usually in articles arranged alphabetically often by subject

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Gale Databases

Gale databases provide learners with powerful search tools to narrow results and deliver the reliable, timely content they need to be successful researchers. These resources are provided by Tennessee Electronic Libraries and MNPS. Access through Clever Portal to login automatically.



This is an essential research tool that is purchased yearly by the Hillsboro Library. To gain access to this program you will need to follow the directions found in the Schoology Library Page due to the licensing agreement with JSTOR.

Most used by Extended Essay, Reflective Projects, & HOA reports.

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Interlibrary Loan

This is when you can't find the book at Hillsboro or through Limitless Libraries. You will need to create an account using your Limitless Libraries account information:

Library Card is Your Student ID#

Password is your MMDD (birthday)

Your pickup library is ZMNPS... (it knows if you are a Hillsboro student and will send it to the school).

Most importantly!!! You need to follow all Due Dates. They will charge you for these books and there is no amount of Food Drive or Fine forgiveness available because these are books from actual Private & Public Universities. Be sure to make a copy of all bibliographic Information before returning.

What Supplies are Available?

We have a lot! Check the Burrolibrary Awesome Sauce link below to see the updated list!

Plagiarism Workshop

This is an important workshop to watch to protect your project from being rejected from IB for plagiarism.