Mr. T's News to Use

Our 5th Grade Classroom Newsletter with Useful Information

Newsletter Information- Issue 1

This will be a new form of family communication I am trying out this year. In this newsletter I will keep you up to date on the latest things happening inside of the 5th Grade Hall at Gibraltar. This is a digital newsletter which means you can access it from the internet. You will receive this newsletter every week sent to the email you provided in your parent contact information sheet. I will also send a hard copy home with your students and post the link to our classroom Facebook group page. Here is the first issue of this year's Mr. T's News to Use!

Lightning Bolts for Behavior!

This year my behavior system will be very similar or the same to the system that the most of the students used in 3rd grade and the system that I used last year in 1st grade. It allows students the opportunity to move up and down throughout the day and reinforces and rewards positive behavior. I hope and expect every student to be on green. If they move down during the day this means that they are not behaving in a manner that is expected as a fifth grade student at school. If you get moved down, you can move back up if your behavior turns around.

At the end of each day each student will color in at the bottom of their planner the color they ended up on. This shows you the type of day that they had (behaviorally) and allows the family to have a conversation about it at home. As you look at their planner and she their color for the day PLEASE SIGN the bottom. This lets me know that you've seen both their homework and their color.

If they end the day they are on red then there will be parent or family contact. Generally it will be your child calling you to explain why they have ended the day on red. At times I might send an email if that is most convenient (example: No one answers the phone). It is my hope that this never happens but we all make mistakes and sometimes learning from mistakes create the best lessons! Please let me know if you have any questions about this system. Your students should have pretty good idea about it as well!

Homework Update

As we start to get into the heart of the school year I want to bring to your attention my philosophy on homework and what I expect for the year.

PHILOSOPHY: I see homework as an extension of the school day. It is extra practice in what we are learning inside of the classroom. It is a great reinforcement for the kids to practice skills, think deeply or further about a topic, or stretch their thinking. With all of this being said I hope that my students spend right around 50 minutes a night working on homework.

STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: As you have seen in their planners they are expected to read for 30 minutes. I allow this to be in a variety of print. So for example if there is a lot of math, writing, and social studies and they spend about 15 minutes on each subject I know that they have been reading when working on these assignments.

If they would like to continue reading a great book that they are very excited about I am not going to stop them but I know that some nights are full of lots of activities to do. So I want you to know that about 50 minutes should suffice with the work that I send home. The only EXCEPTION to this expectation is if they have not finished work from the day I may decide to send it home to finish so they are prepared for the next day.

Another expectation is that each student be able to do most work independently. If this isn't the case, let me know and we will work towards a solution if it is a recurring issue. It is also helps me if I know that they struggled with a skill or assignment on a particular night so I can talk to them about it the next morning.

EXPECTATIONS OF FAMILIES: All that I expect from you is that you check to make sure that they have done their work for the night and SIGN THE PLANNER to inform me that you have seen the work that they need to complete and also get a glimpse into the day that they had here at school. Remember that Green or Above (Blue, Purple, or Pink) means that they have met my expectations. Red, Orange, or Yellow means that they have not met expectations for the day and each student should be able to tell you why they ended on that color.

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Mr. T's Contact Information

If you ever need to contact me please do not hesitate. Notes, emails, or phone calls all work! If you email me please allow me 1-2 days to respond depending on what the email is regarding. I check my email throughout the day so I will usually see your email. If it requires more than a short response I want to take the time needed to answer you thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Open House is Right Around the Corner!

This Wednesday, September 9, 2015 we will be having our Gibraltar Elementary Open House. Please come, chat, meet, and discover the 5th Grade that we have this year at Gibraltar! I hope to see you all there!

Gibraltar Elementary Open House

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 5-6pm

3924 Wisconsin 42

Fish Creek, WI