Parent Involvement Policy

Edison School of the Arts- 2022-2023

Edison School of the Arts IPS School #47 Title I Parent Involvement Policy 2022-2023

Parental involvement is a key element in the academic success of students. Edison School of the Arts intends to adhere to the following parental policy guidelines. This policy will be distributed to all parents and guardians of students at Edison School of the Arts and will be updated periodically.

Edison School of the Arts will take the following actions to involve parents in the joint development of the parent involvement plan:

*Parents will be asked to participate at the August Annual Orientation Meeting where the following information will be given to parents: Schoology online access, Assessment Process-local and state, Discipline Policy, Attendance Policy, Uniform Policy, Description and Explanation of Curriculum, Parent Involvement Policy, Parental Contact Information, Title I services, and Student Proficiency Levels and Expectations.

*The Parent Involvement Policy will be shared with the Edison School of the Arts PTO.

*All parents will be given personally or mailed a copy of the Edison School of the Arts Parent Involvement Policy at the beginning of the school year.

The following actions will take place to ensure that parents are involved in the process of school review and improvement:

*The school will have additional Title I meetings during the school year to discuss, revise, and update Title I Parent Involvement Policy and School Compact. The school will have these meetings at various times, that parents may be able to attend them. Parents will be notified if transportation, childcare, and/or home visits can be provided and arranged, to include parents with these needs.

*Every effort will be made to actively recruit parents of Limited English Proficiency and varied racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Edison School of the Arts will provide the essential coordination, technical assistance, and support necessary to assist in planning and implementing parental involvement activities to improve student academic achievement by:

* Providing timely information through periodic notice, letters, publications, monthly videos, emails, text messages, and/or our school’s weekly newsletter, concerning Title I programming, in English and Spanish if necessary.

*Providing parent involvement activities that meet the needs of our specific population as our school’s needs dictate as indicated by the student assessments.

*Utilizing the Edison staff to inform parents of events, meetings, and involvement opportunities and planning, coordinating, and implementing activities that inform all parents of our academic and visual, and performing arts instruction.

*Utilizing the Parent Center for resources and support.

Edison School of the Arts will build the schools' and the parent's capacity for strong parental involvement by:

* Providing assistance to parents in understanding the Indiana State Academic Standards, Edison‘s curriculum, and Edison’s arts-integrated instructional program.

*Helping to effectively monitor their child's academic progress and homework.

*Inviting parents to Parents-In-Touch day.

*Helping parents to understand more fully how arts integration supports the overall curriculum.

*Providing assistance that will help parents understand and utilize the academic assessment tools utilized at Edison: ILEARN results, IREAD results, and NWEA results.

*Explaining and providing information about the proficiency level each child is expected to accomplish.

* Providing materials and training in literacy and mathematics that will help support the overall curriculum and school academic plan, including introduction and in-service by Title I teachers on the IPS Reading Adoption.

*Providing information about minimal requirements in academics at each grade level.

*Providing information on how parents can effectively work with educators to ensure student success.

The activities to assist parents include:

*Parent information sessions describing homework and testing.

*Powerschool sign-on assistance.

*Arts brochure describing Edison's offerings and requirements.

*Parent Workshops and/or Family Math Nights

*Literacy Night.

*Language Arts Workshops.

*ILEARN Preparedness Workshops

*Celebration of the diversity of the season, through classroom activities.

*A Parent event celebrating Moms and Dads.

*Inviting parents to attend Annual Infusion Conference and Celebrating African American History through Cultural Competency Plan Classroom Integration.

*Celebrating Grandparents.

*Inviting parents to Multicultural International Day in May, where some of our student performing groups present.

*End of the Year parent survey in May.

*Weekly newsletters, emails, and text messages.

*Strong Information content on the Edison website.

*Easy access to Edison leadership.

*Home Visits

*Coordinated activities like Cookies and Canvas and Popcorn and Piano.

Edison School of the Arts will, to the extent feasible and appropriate, coordinate parental involvement programs and activities through the following agencies:

*Midtown Mental Health

*Head Start

*Early Reading First


*The Indianapolis Zoo

*The Children's Museum

Also, Edison will conduct other activities that encourage and support all parents in more fully participating in the education of their children, such as:

*Providing a schedule and yearly calendar of family informational nights and other events.

*Other reasonable support for parent involvement activities as parents may request.

*Providing opportunities for regular meetings where parents can offer suggestions and reasonably participate in decisions about their child's education and having the school respond to their suggestions within a reasonable time.

Edison School of the Arts will, with the assistance of its parents, educate its teachers, staff, and administration in how to reach out to, communicate with and work collaboratively with parents as equal partners by:

*Inviting members of Young Audiences, Butler University, MYO, Eli Lilly, WIDC, Ingredion, IPL, Indiana University School of Education, Oasis tutors, and/or other community partners to work with building staff members on how to effectively serve our school population.

* Utilizing the Edison Parent Group which may utilize an annual survey to identify the needs of teachers and staff members regarding how to best serve our families and provide materials and programming for in-service and discussion.

*Actively promoting parent volunteers to work with teachers and students in the classroom, thereby strengthening mutual support and involving parents fully in their children's education.

*Providing information to all staff members on specific strategies to involve parents in their child's education.

Edison School of the Arts will ensure that information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to all parents in an understandable and uniform format by:

*Providing alternative formats via Smore, utilizing Smore's ability to translate 150 languages.

*Providing resources, printed materials, and outside literature in Spanish when possible.

*When necessary, conduct in-home conferences, or telephone or Zoom conferences with parents to maximize parental involvement.

Also, Edison School of the Arts will develop and foster appropriate roles of support for the following entities:

*Shortridge High School to perpetuate the arts integration magnet philosophy and curriculum.

● Eli Lilly

● Elanco

● The Public Library

● Ingredion





● Peace Learning Center

● Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

● *Young Audiences

● *And/or other community partners as they arise.

Edison School of the Arts will ensure that parents, students, teachers, and community are equal partners in the academic success of all children by:

*Developing, Reviewing, and Revising a School-Parent Compact. This compact, developed by teachers, parents, community, and school administration, is a written agreement of what Edison and its parents and community are each supposed to do to help all students achieve academic success.

Edison School of the Arts, with the involvement of parents, will conduct an annual evaluation and revision of the content and effectiveness of this Parent Involvement Policy to help improve the overall academic quality of Edison. This review will help identify barriers that prohibit greater participation by all parents in activities and help better design strategies for more effective parental involvement.

This Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with and agreed upon by parents of children of the Edison School of the Arts School #47. This policy will be in effect for the 2022-2023 school year.