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all the heroes


In 2001 on September 11, 4 planes crashed into some of our national landmarks. 1 hit the north tower, 1 hit the south tower, 1 hit the Pentagon, and 1 crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. All of the people on the planes died. Many people did not know this was happening. Most all the police officers, firefighters and random citizens traveled all over the city saving all of the people they could. The people trying to make our lives miserable are just going to fail because we are a united country, and we are strong!

where do i begin to look

In the story Heroes of 9/11,firefighter Kevin Murray stared at the ruins of the twin towers. It looked so unreal. The two 1,300 foot tall structures had been reduced to a pile of twisted steel, busted concrete, and gnarled building materials crammed in 5 stories below and above the building nothing looks like it used to. When he inhaled the dust blew into his eyes and lungs making it almost impossible to breath. "I survived to collapse and now I am going to suffocate," He said.All of these firefighters are courageous enough to save the lives of people instead of saving themselves.