It's More Than Just Different

Differentiation: What You Need to Know

What Differentiation Isn't

What Differentiation IS

Four Ways to Differentiate

What Differentiation Looks Like

What Differentiation Isn't

  • Same assignment for every student
  • Varying the level of difficulty for some students
  • Rearranging questions to give the appearance of differentiation
  • Grading some students harder, or more lenient, than others
  • Giving advanced students more work or emerging students less
  • Grouping students without a reason to do so

What Differentiation IS

  • Flexible grouping with a purpose
  • Tailoring instruction to meet individual needs
  • Strategies that meet students where they are and help move them as far as possible on their educational way
  • Student centered (It's not about you)
  • Proactive (It requires planning y'all)

Four Ways to Differentiate


The content is your legally mandated curriculum. It's what students are supposed to learn


Process means the way in which your students learn the content.


Product refers to the way in which your students prove they learned the content

Learning Environment

The learning environment is the physical setup of the learning situation

Examples of Differentiation

By Content (Math)

If the classroom objective is for all students to reduce a radical, some students may learn to reduce a simple radical while others may have more complex ones. Still others may have to do so within the context of a word problem.

By Process (Science)

Challenge your students to make connections between a science concept and something else. For example, if teaching about cells, students could draw direct comparisons between the parts of a cell and parts of a factory.

By Product (Social Studies)

Have students choose from a list of books or important events in history and address the guiding question through a poem, diagram, original art work, essay, podcast, video, interpretive dance, rap, song...you get the idea

Learning Environment (ELA)

When students are working on essays, have the class set-up with some desks facing front for whole group instruction, others in pairs for peer work, in small groups for students who are struggling with the same skill and desks for independent work
differentiated instruction in the hollywood classroom

Differentiation (For All Content Areas)

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