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Minidoka County School District

Week of December 14-18

Upcoming Dates

December 14-School Board Meeting (DATE CHANGE)

December 15-Calendar Committee Meeting 3:45

December 16-PPAT Meeting 12:00

January 4- Board Discussion 5:00-7:00 (dinner provided) Admin & VP

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MTSS Philosophy & Guidelines

Please review. If you have any questions contact Sherry Bingham.

RTI Screening Dates

Please do NOT change screening dates in Renaissance. All school should be completing the screening based on the dates decided by the RTI team.
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Love & Logic Classes


Parenting with Love and Logic will be offered once more this school year. It will begin on February 5 and will run for 6 weeks. Flyers to send home to parents will be provided to schools in January. The class will be held at DSC and child care will be provided. Laura at Special Services can be contacted for course registration.


Parenting with Love and Logic will be offered for our Migrant parents for free. This class is offered in Spanish and will begin on January 12th. It will run for 6 weeks with the class being held on Tuesdays. Maria Renz is the instructor for the class. All Migrant families will be notified of this opportunity by the Federal Programs Office.

Testing Info

Interim & Block Assessments

If you are planning on taking the interim and/or block assessments, several steps must be taken before you begin testing.

  • SBAC Secure browsers must be updated
  • Student Rosters must be checked-We uploaded students earlier in the year, so new students will not show until we reload rosters or add new students manually.

Please work with Kent or Ashley before testing. The process to get ready may take at least a week, so please schedule accordingly.

Technology Tip

School Communities Must Have the "Talk"

T&L Advisor Guest post — Carl Hooker, Director of Instructional Technology, Eanes Independent School District: We know that kids today have access to knowledge and social connections right at their fingertips. As seen by the latest Pew Research study, nearly three-quarters of teens have access to a smart phone. With that access comes greater responsibility and education on the appropriate use of technology and social media--responsibility that schools might eschew towards the parent and that parents might defer to the school. In the wake of last month's Colorado High School "sexting" sting, one thing is for certain, both parents and schools need to be doing their part to have a conversation with teens even if it's uncomfortable. Why would kids do this? In some cases, it's considered a modern way to flirt. In the case of the Colorado school, many students used a photo vault app like the one I shared last year that looks like a calculator. Students trade these photos like trading cards and in some cases, students feel pressured to share illicit photos with other students (who in turn share it with others or post it on the web). As this year comes to end, take a moment to ask if these hard conversations are taking place in your community. I am a firm believer in the power of technology to enhance learning, so let's make sure we are all doing our part to help raise our awareness of all parts of our students' digital lives.


Tip for Healthy Living

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