The Mustang Stampede

Third grade news for the month of January.

Math News

In Math we will begin an integrated problem solving unit, where students will need to reason through problem situations and decide which operation is needed to solve it. Students are encouraged to be able to solve all problems in more than one way, so as your student works on homework problems, check to see if he/she can do it a different way.

CSISD Math Curriculum

This link details the CSISD Math curriculum, including scheduled dates for each course of study. Please keep in mind that the math teachers use this curriculum calendar as a guide and specific dates are available from your child's math teacher.

Here are links to some of the programs we use regularly in class.

Think Through Math

[Username is first initial, last name, class room number. Ex: shughes305; Password: password]

Students should work through the lessons they see at the top of the page, please have them go in order, ending with the assessment for the lesson.

First in Math

Students' usernames/passwords should be on a card stapled to the inside cover of their planners. Do ANY game and have fun!


Clearly the students' new favorite site. Login information is the exact same as for Think Through Math (above).

Science News

We will begin our Earth Science study this six week, starting with the Water Cycle and Weather. Encourage your child to consider these constants in their lives. Discuss weather forecasting and where our fresh water comes from. Below are some timely sites that support our learning.

CSISD Science Curriculum

Here is CSISD's science curriculum site.

Earth Science for Kids

This site has some great games and videos.

NASA's Earth Science
Another great site with games and very cool resources and photos.

English - Language Arts News

Writing will cover the various nuances of the poetical pathway. Reading will continue to focus on the fiction novel study. During the latter portions of January, we shall begin the nonfiction genre study.

Readers - Writers Workshop

This link details the workshop instructional method we use in class.

Greens Prairie Library

This page contains links to many sites we use in class.

Social Studies News

Social Studies will continue our study of the branches of US government. The links below are some sites that can support what your child will be doing in class.

Congress for Kids

January Calendar of Events

Jan. 1-4 School Holiday

Jan. 10 Award Celebrations 2:00 p.m.

Jan. 16 Potato Shack Spirit Night

Jan. 17 UIL

Jan. 21 MLK School Holiday

Jan. 25 Family Movie Night