coupe menstruelle

Why coupe menstruelle is better than tampons?

Have you heard of a menstrual cup?

There are many reasons why you should be using these cups while menstruating and nowadays lot of women are already using these over tampons. Coupe menstruelle is not just germ-free but also safe to use product. The cup is made from soft medical grade silicon and is irritant free, making it safe to use for women of all skin types. It is essential that you do not choose to use cups which are made up of latex, bleaches, toxins and also dyes. It needs to be inserted just like a tampon but collects more menstrual fluid in its comparison.

In comparison to the many sanitary products available coupe menstruelle pas cher are said to be better for the body and also environment friendly.
Mentioned are some reasons which make cup menstruelle a better choice as compared to tampons.
Cup menstruelle do not mess with the vaginal environment:
Vaginal dryness is caused when you use tampons. An imbalance of moisture and pH is created since the tampons absorb 75% of menstrual fluid and 25% of vaginal moisture..

With the use of coupe menstruelle, you are not associated with TSS, which is usually the case with tampons and pads.

Zero chemicals:
There are no absorbent gels and other beaches or fragrances in these cups.

Safe to use:
Since they are made up of medical grade silicone they can be very safe to use when you are menstruating. Silica is abundantly available on our planet.

They are good for your pockets too:
Often, women usually spend around $10 every month for the sanitary items. This number might be higher depending on where you live. This sums up to $120 every year and this is a huge amount when you add all the money spent during the whole period cycle of your life.. When you use coupe menstruelle, the save more than half the money spent on tampons as the cups are reusable.

Simple to use:
Initially making use of the menstrual cup may be difficult for you, but when you use it regularly things will simplify. All you need to do is fold and aim at the back of the vagina and then give a little push. You will almost forget it being placed once you place it correctly.

You will not have to visit the pharmacy regularly:
You do not have to visit the pharmacy every now and then for the reason that these are reusable. All you have to do is wash and sanitize them for reuse.

What quantity of Fluid does the cup hold?
Most of the cups hold around 30 ml of fluid and this is one third of the average total flow. When inserted correctly near the vagina, its forms a seal which ensures that the flow goes to the cup. There is no chance of leakage and smell in this case.

The times you replace a tampon is more when compared to the times you empty the cup.