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Samsung New 5.8-inch Galaxy Fonblet Smartphone Launch in 2013

Size doesn't matter anymore for Samsung thus the new technologies launched by Samsung till date focuses now on Samsung Galaxy player 5.8, which is bigger in size than tablet, displays a whopping screen and it is equivalent to any of its mobile part. Leaving behind all its predecessors like Galaxy 3.6, 4, 4.2 and 5.0, the company's new player hit Korea with 5.8 inch with 960-by-540-pixel LCD screen. Along with all the pre-installed educational content, it comes equipped with front facing speakers with 1GB RAM and storage choice of 16GB and 32 GB.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8

The new device boast of Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with 2500 mAH battery, which compensates to low display resolution. Also, this new player is equipped with a microSD card, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS support and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. It is just similar to iPod touch with just lacking in one area i.e. back camera. This Galaxy Player has VGA front camera but there is no camera at the back of it.

Samsung Galaxy 5.8 is Android powered mobile device that makes its users even more excited due to its huge display making it larger in size than Galaxy Note 2. Unsurprisingly, it gives a tough competition to iPod touch. In the first glance, you will assume this player as Samsung Galaxy S3 since the only difference is the screen size.

Specs for Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8

The big screen is not a new thing for Samsung since the rumors states that Samsung will bring the New Mobile phone out with the same size and new technologies that will be named as Samsung Galaxy Fonblet Smartphone Mobile. Substantially, there is no such evidence to claim up its existence in the coming days but they claim it as to be a more reputable source with a strong confirmation.

If this comes out to be true news then Samsung Galaxy Fonblet would most likely site somewhere between the upper stratum of mid-range and on the lower end of the high-end side of the market. It has always been a tough statement to identify the target market for these releases since we don't know whether the device would be focused to all the markets by Samsung or not.

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet: The rumors offer very few details for Fonblet hardware and it might not share some of the characteristics of 5.8 players since it has QHD resolution with Bluetooth 4.0 and 3MP camera. We never expected this player to have the user impressive specs but still we expect that Fonblet will step things up a bit. We are expecting to hear something concrete for new technologies ahead of time in Mobile World Congress for Samsung because we do not have any another contender here for Samsung devices yet. Fonblet would need a significant SoC raise over the Player 5.8′s if it's to be at all competitive.

The Operating System for Foblet is expected to be Android 4.1.2/ 4.2.1 Jelly Bean and it would apparently launch in a pure white color. Fonblet is expected to be available in European markets initially and will be announced during the Mobile World Congress.

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