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Christmas Edition - December 2014

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The Keenan Raider Family wishes all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Turn Back the Clocks - Keenan Goes Analog!

During our December meeting of the High Schools that Work (HSTW) Literacy Team, we decided to try an experiment and retire the digital clock and bring back the analog clock. What began as a discussion about reading, writing and arithmetic, turned into a school-wide debate about the effect of the analog clock on learning across the curriculum. The change from digital to analog continues to be a very enlightening experience for faculty, staff and students.

The Word of the Week is being scrolled below the clock during each block in English, Spanish and French along with the definition.

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Video Conferencing Continues with JP Thomas Elementary

Once a month the Teacher Cadets from Mrs. Stroman's class read to the students at JP Thomas Elementary School. This is a tradition Mrs. Gregory and I started five years ago and it continues to prove to be a beneficial educational opportunity for the Teacher Cadets as well as the students from JP Thomas. Each time we meet, Mrs. Gregory's students prepare something special to share with us at Keenan after the Teacher Cadets finish reading to them.
Our next video conference is scheduled for December 18 @ 9:00.

Technology Training with Zeb Dinkins

Zeb prepares Keenan certifed staff for the change over to Outlook and Office 365.

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