Science Study Guide for Quiz

4.9-Acidification Lab

Notes on Everything

  • Carbonic acid dissolves in CO2
  • Sulfur dioxide creates the term "acid rain"
  1. porous
  2. soft
  3. soluble In H2O

Two Gases Notes

  1. Magnesium Carbonate and Acid create Carbon Dioxide
-it's a dense gas so it can't escape in the upright test tube

-the gas escapes in the inverted test tube so it is filled air

  1. Magnesium and Acid create Hydrogen
-it's a light gas so it rises from the upright test tube and it fills up with air

-the gas can't escape from the inverted test tube and it's filled with hydrogen

Popping noise: gas is ignited and ruses out of test tube; rubs against glass and causes friction (sound); flammable gas escaping

Phenol Red

  1. ph indicator
  2. red: basic
  3. clear: acidic
Post Lab

  • phenol red changes color as you add CO2 into H2O
  • the CO2 turns to carbonic acid lowering the ph of CO2
  • calcium tablet is more soluble in cup with straw
-reasons why is because carbonic acid lowers ph and dissolves calcium faster

Ocean Acidification

  • Normal ph of the Ocean is 8.1-8.4
-ocean's pH has decreased by 0.1

  • lower ph, less calcium, animals with shells can't make shells anymore