Prince Henry the Navigator

Navigator or sailor i am neither

Prince Henry

7-9 Sentences

Journal entry

Dear journal, It is the year of 1415, we have finally arrived on land. We are in some place called the Canary islands. But, Unfortunately they have already been claimed by Spain. So off we went. Now we are in the year of 1418 we have found more land. This land is called the Maderia Islands we established a colony at Porto Santo. We are also somewhere called Cape Bojador. Dear journal, it is now 1441 and i want to be a founder of the Atlantic slave trade. So I now have sponsored Nuno tristao's Exploration of the African coast and Antao Goncalves's hunting expedition. So I sent two men away to capture slaves. They brought back 7. After I have done that Portugal, was deeply involved in the slave trade. The rest is History...

My biography

Hello, My name is Prince Henry. I was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1394. Despite my name I am neither a sailor or a navigator. I sponsored many exploratory sea voyages, so that is where i get the sailor part from. I get the navigator part of my names because i opened a school of navigation and I employed many cartographers, shipbuilders and instrument makers. I really encourage you to come and join my voyage. I may not be like Columbus with three ship's. But unlike Columbus i can teach you how to Navigate the seas and tech you how to work a compass and an astrolabe (Which is used to help navigators learn their ships location by charting the position of the stars)