Grasping the Trivium

An Overview of Classical Ed. from Foundations to Challenge

Classical Conversations Exists to Assist Parents In Educating Their Children

Classical Conversations (CC) intent of education is to teach a child how to become a life long learner. CC's educational model of learning is based in the Trivium; a model that started in ancient Greece and is still practiced today in many areas of education with outstanding success for those who learn and apply it well.

Trivium is Latin for "where three roads meet". These three roads are the natural stages of learning: the Grammar Stage, the Dialectic Stage, and the Rhetoric Stage. CC has constructed a comprehensive curriculum to guide parents and students through the Trivium, starting with Foundations and culminating with Challenge IV. Graduates of CC have come to master the art of learning through the Trivium and are prepared to embrace knowledge at any stage of life.

Grasping The Trivium

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 6-8:30pm

13153 Cearfoss Pike

Hagerstown, MD

RSVP to Danielle Gross at with the number in your party, including children.

You will hopefully walk away from this evening encouraged and excited to continue home schooling with and through CC! It is our desire that you will have a better understanding of the what, why and how of classical education and CC's curriculum. There will be catalogs and other resources available to further your knowledge of CC's method, mission, and model.

We encourage you to bring your children who are in (or near) the Challenge years in hopes to further the conversation about CC and classical education at home.

An area with materials for quiet play will be provided in the meeting rooms for young children. Families will be able to hear the lecture and participate in the Q&A time from this area. Feel free to pack snacks and drinks.

Please see below for the evening agenda.

Evenings Agenda

5:45 - Arrival

6:00 - 6:30 - Welcome and Trivium Overview

6:30 - 7:30 - An In Depth Look at the Trivium, Foundations to Challenge

7:30 - 8:30 - Q&A Time