computer systems

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what is hardware?

Hardware is your computer, your smartphone and lots more. It is a piece of machinery that is programmed by the computers (or phones, tablet and every hardware there is) hard drive. For example, a washing machine: you press the buttons that tells the computers hard drive to do, example press temperature 40 with 800 spins per minute it will process the commands and the output will start.

what is software?

Software is the apps on the hardware. Without hardware there would be no software, so no games, no texting on apps, nothing. You can't physically see software you can only see on a screen of hardware which you can see and feel


good things and bad things about hardware and software

The good things about software is that they can provide us with contact with other people, e.g. email and messaging. It also means we can delete the app if we don't want it anymore. The bad things about it is that they can get viruses and get hacked which could mean revealing personal info.

the good things about hardware is that you can see it and from your own point of view if you like or not.