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Welcome Back edition: Feb 2017

Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a good vacation and are back at school ready for a semester packed with learning, new experiences, challenges, and READING!

Summer Read Selfies

Share your reading love

Send in a selfie with a book you read over the vacation.

We'll make up a slideshow to share popular titles with everyone. Take it yourself (selfie, duh) or we'll snap one for you in the library. Group selfies welcome!

Here are some from your library team:

Library Team Change

Goodbye, Ms Kelly :(

Speaking of your library team...

Ms Kelly will be leaving our library to return to her previous job as Elementary School librarian.

She has been a big help in our library and will be missed. Here's a photo of her (front row) with the rest of the team during one of our epic birthday lunches. Thanks, Ms Ursula, for the goofy headpieces!

Big image

The new AMERSOL website!

Your library on amersol...

You can now access all library websites directly from amersol.edu.pe.

The Library Catalog (OPAC) is on the Quicklinks

The Library website (for the catalog plus all other resources) is under LEARNING > MS/HS Library

General information about all of the libraries is found on the school website.

Specific updates, resources, google-protected passwords are found on each library's website.

See the screenshots below.

The Big Shelf Move of 2017

Some shifts...

You'll notice that some books have shifted around over the vacation. We opened up the Dewey and Fiction sections to create more space for browsing and quiet reading. And yes...we have more bean bags on the way!

All Middle School fiction is now located on the lower shelves near the front.

We moved the Middle School fiction shelves so the alphabetical order will flow better.

All YA (young adult) fiction is now in the Fiction section, the tall shelves.

YA books have a yellow sticker. These books are written with older readers in mind; they have high-school age characters and deal with high-school age issues.

Overall, you may notice that the fiction and Dewey (nonfiction) sections look "fresher" and more appealing. This is because we took out many old, dusty books that were not popular or even checked out in the past 10 years. All old books deleted from our collection are for sale at our Book Swap in May.

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It's almost PARTY time!

We're inviting any student or faculty member who completed the #RooseveltReads25 challenge to a party at the end of the year. If you haven't read 25 books yet, it's ok. You have a whole semester to finish!

It's time to plan the event and I'd love to hear your ideas. We need to design a T-shirt, plan the food, the music, and the activities for the party.

If you'd like to help, please come to the library during lunch on MONDAYS.

Roosevelt Reads! (yeah, we do)

Titles & Treats...postponed :((

New Books Update

I'm sorry to report....

We just got word that our book order from the fall did not make it into the shipping container in time. Mrs. Ducharme is investigating the reason for this, but at this point, we anticipate the books will arrive in early April.

Stay tuned for a new date for Titles & Treats.

The Libru and ES books did arrive in time, so their New Book events will proceed as scheduled.

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A friendly reminder from Mrs. Ducharme

My job is to help you do your BEST

Please ask me for help any time.

I am here to teach you about research, help with citations, suggest good books, and assist with anything that might help you succeed.

If you don't see me in the library, I'm probably teaching in a classroom.

It's ok, just email and we'll find a time to meet - even online is ok.

If you DO see me in the library and I look busy - INTERRUPT me.

It's ok!

Your MS/HS Library Team

Sarah Ducharme, Director of Library Services

Alondra Fairlie, Assistant to the Librarians

Ale Checa, Digital Librarian

Kelly Juarez, Library Assistant