Exam Time / Study Time / Reflection

Stress - Stress - Stress AND what to do about it

The air changes in a school once final exam time begins doesn't it?

Anyone who has siblings in their final year of high school can attest to the increase in stress reactions and interesting coping strategies that leak out. Reminding yourself of some age old wisdom of how to deal with stress proactively and set your self up for success during those exams and into the future.
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7 Tips To Beat Exam Anxiety

Sometimes the stress is about not having a plan about studying and school in general

The Science of Procrastination - And How To Manage It
The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

Have you heard my 'talk' about the 4 Pillars?

- the 4 pillars help you to keep on top of all that life asks you to handle - the more stable the table the more building blocks of life that can be managed.
Emotional overload? Flying off the handle? Not able to focus? making excuses to not do the work? Think abut the 4 pillars and make some adjustments. View my Haiku Deck below for the details

Some Humor and Wisdom to help you through

REFLECTION TIME - example Think Ahead to Semester 2 What will you do the same? Different?

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Created by: Suzanne Tiemstra, Counsellor at Bert Church High School

I have created this to help students with the pressure and stress of exam taking, especially at the end of semesters. If you feel that something is missing please email me and I will happily add it.