Why Kids Play Football


Why Play Football

You are halfway to the 10 yard line,and boom you're rammed to the ground out of nowhere.but do you quit then?No. You Get Up And Run Again Until You Finally make it,giving you a successful feeling.that is the joy of the game we know today as football.265 million players, along with more than 5 million referees and officials testify to the popularity of the sport. A total of 270 million - or 4% of the world's population - participate actively in football.

Football Can Help Kids Stay in Shape

While Its True That Football Gives Many Injuries,That Is No Reason To Completely Stop The Game.Childhood obesity remains one of the biggest problems facing the country, with more than one-third of kids overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

parents should be encouraging kids to get outside and exercise. “A lifelong interest and commitment to health and fitness has never been more important as we face a widespread increase in sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity”, Says Stanley Herring.“Being active as a child correlates with being active as an adult.”

In Conclusion,Football is a game with many bad injuries sustained.But if we banned everything that would injure someone in the world,there would be nothing left for entertainment.there are pros and cons to everything