Personality Speech

Personality Type : Triangle-Exact,Precise,Gets the job done

Quote : Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. -Steve Jobs

This quote means that you need to stand out and not just be another number in a classroom, job interview, ect.

#1) If I was a candy bar, it would be a hershey's chocolate bar.

Because each individual triangle in a hershey's bar are all the same and put in exact order.

#2) If I was an article of clothing, it would be a belt.

Because the belt completes the outfit you are wearing. Without a belt you are not ready to accomplish the job that needs to get done.

#3) If I was a type of music, it would be instrumental.

Because every beat and noise must be precise to make the song flow smoothly.

#4) If I was a breakfast cereal, it would be reese's puff cereal.

Because the perfect mixture of both peanut butter, chocolate, and milk makes a great taste which is exactly what all kids want for breakfast.

#5) If I was a superhero, it would be spiderman.

Because the costume he wears is unique and has a very precise design that can shoot webs and protect him against enemies.

#6) If I was a television character, it would be bob-the-builder.

Because bob-the-builder's life consists of helping other people and always getting the job done no matter what happens.
Bob the Builder: Intro Theme/Song

#7) If I was a circus performer, it would be a juggler.

Because every object that is being juggled must be precisely thrown and caught in order do get the effect of juggling.
The Best Juggler In The World.mp4

#8) If I was an insect, it would be a pray mantis.

Because as a pray mantis is approaching his pray, every move it makes is very precise and careful with no mistakes.

#9) If I was a school supply, it would be a pencil sharpener.

Because the responsibility of a pencil sharpener is to create an extremely precise point at the end of your pencil.

#10) If I was a famous athlete, it would be Usain Bolt.

Because Usain Bolt has an exact way of running that he was trained specifically to do.