GOLLIPOLI campaign

The GOLLIPOLI Campain was the first time that the Australian troops fought in world war1.thay fought with the New Zealand troops as the ANZACs and fought on the British side. They fought against the Germans and their Allies, including the turks.

War started end ended.

The GOLLIPOLI Campaign started on the 25th of Apri,l 1915.it went for 8months untill the troops were evacuated on December 20,1915.it was a terrible battle which they lost. many man died or were wounded.

bag is hevey

bag is hevey.

It started when the troops landed at dawn on april 25 1915 on the shores of Gollipoli. they landed at the wrong spot and landed where there were many turkish troops.they where suppose to land further north were it was not as steep and not as many troops.many of the soldiers drownded before they got to the beach because of the hevey equipment or were shot before they got to the land.
there were lots of problems for the Australians.when they landed the turkish soldiers were on top of the hill and could see them .they shot at the soldiers and bombed them.the soldiers did not have much cover and were eazy to see. so they dug trenches to fight in and fought up the hill. many of the brave soldiers were killed or badly wonded.
Another problem was that the soldiers did not have much food or water and their living condition were very bad. there were no toilets and nowhere to bury all the dead. It became very smelly and many soldiers got sick.
there were too many turkish troops and the australians could't win. so they reatreted back to the boats. All the soldiers were evacuated by december 20 1915. they tricked the turks and no soldiers were killed when they were living.