Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 35! May 4th - 8th

As the end of the year approaches, we have lots to do, and little time. This is going to be considered our "project week." We will continue to work our normal schedule with Math and Excel, but will be working on our special projects as well.

My classroom has been labeled as a "No Moms" work zone until Thursday!!!

We have special things being crafted, so no moms allowed! This is top secret and I hope none of the children spoil the surprise!

May 7th - End of the year party at D-Bat. Please return permission slip as soon as possible if you have not done so already.

May 11th- FINALLY…..We have been given a date for the pizza party that we earned by donating the most cans….back in November! Whooh! It will be at 2:00, so a lunch will still be needed on this day. We will have a slice of pizza and water and will watch an educational movie.

Book Fair is happening NOW! The kids really really want to spend your hard earned money! Ms. Dee sent the required summer reading list last week. Students are asked to bring cash or checks for $10.98 to cover the cost of the 2 books required for incoming 2nd graders. Students can purchase additional items as well if you would like to send extra money


Chapter 19: Addition Facts Through 20

Test Friday, May 8th

Excel Lessons 118- 122

Chapter 19: Addition Facts Through 20

Click here for math games, review, and extra support for Chapter 19