SAYS Culture Code

This is how we win


Speed is key

Technology, consumer behavior, trends, the market, competition, you name it, changes to fast. How to stay ahead? Be faster! Offence is the best defence when it comes to innovation and execution. Either you race ahead or get left behind. Everyone's got a good product, great price, and a big promise. Who is faster? This is why speed is key. Every email, meeting, decision, how much we respond, send the proposal, deploy that feature... it all adds up ;)

Go for Growth

Similarly, as the world grows and grows, what stays the same is in fact, dying. Especially in our industry, where exponential growth is the norm, we can only accept as story which keeps growing!

Achieve the Impossible

This must become a habit, where we set 'impossible' goals and somehow achieve it. At first, its shocking, but after a while, it become the way you live. And it's an incredible way to live.

Live Passionately

In work, at play, at home, with friends, family, with food, travel, learning, relaxing... doing it all passionately just feels so much better. Every task we undertake, everything thing we do, giving it our best, giving it our all, and doing it with passion... it inspires others and increases your odds of winning in all cases!

Keep it real

Being authentic, genuine, and being true to yourself is ever so important in a world which won't tolerate fake-ness, where Facebook and Google is available to all to call your bluff. Truth prevails, fast. Keeping it real earns trust, and decreases stress. Keeping it real builds genuine relationships, and feels great.