Indian Island

Patrice Troutman- You're invited!

"In the centre of the round table, on a circular glass stand, were some little china figures."

Keeping the theme of Indian Island, you won't be surprised to see the theme all around the house. From the "Ten Little Indian" poem to little china figures! This home will take you away from today's modern technology and remind you of the good o'l days! There is no telephone reception and does not have much modern technology. Let's go back a few decades!


Short on cash? Not a problem. Mr and Mrs. Owen will be paying for your whole trip! From meals everyday to all the alcohol you can drink! No need to take out your wallet. You do not even have to share a room. Rest your head and fall asleep on our king sized beds specifically chosen for each person invited and never wake up again.

Guaranteed To Be Fun And Relaxing! Get All The Sleep You Never Had!!!

Bored? Don't have anything to do?

Let's play a game of Murder Mystery! Who can guess the killer? Of course it's just a game. Maybe you could run away from a wacky general, a sinister judge, or maybe a babysitter crazy for the blood of the children she watches. (In the game). Maybe just stay in your room and never go outside. Just stare at the dazzling ceiling forever and never get bored. Maybe even look at the gorgeous scenery outside.
Relaxing 3 Hour Video of A Tropical Beach with Blue Sky White Sand and Palm Tree

Indian Island

Come today! It's just one boat ride away. Magnificent views. Ocean front mansion. And once again... FREE!

A Famous Broadway Star- Moazzum Naqvi Speaks Of His Experience On Indian Island

Moazzum's Experience On Indian Island

Q: How was your trip to the island?
A: I loved Indian Island it was a lot of fun!

Q: How many people were with you?
A: Oh, just about nine others... It was a bit crowded at first, but then room was made and it started getting a little too... uncrowded.

Q: Would you bring your family?

A: Of course not! It's a one family member thing... When the children are old enough, maybe I'll consider it.

Q: Do you recommend the invited person to go?
A: If you're invited then I insist you come! It is a one time thing though, or maybe you'll just never leave because you love it so much. I have to go now. I'm getting a call.
Reporter: Alright Bye.