WANTED: Krypton

By: Raegan LeGrand

Have you seen this element?

This is Krypton. It is highly wanted for impersonating "kryptonite", a fake substance that is said to be Superman's only weakness. People panicked at this, but it is now confirmed it was only krypton. To identify Krypton, look for the atomic number 38. It weighs 84 amu.

More Identifications

Krypton has 38 protons, 38 electrons, and 46 neutrons. It has a total of 8 valence electrons. It is apart of group 18, or the Noble Gases. It is in period 4. Krypton is not reactive at all, since it has a full outer shell. So, if it is avoiding other elements, it just might be krypton. This element is a nonmetal, and a gas. This element exists alone in nature, avoiding other elements.