By: Taylor Goldman

Steve Jobs Adversities

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, but they let him go, and another family then adopted him. He skipped one grade, and ended up enrolling in Reed College, which their family was struggling to afford. He ended up dropping out after six months. Although he dropped out, he chose to go to some of the creative classes, but not any other classes. He ended up having to scavenge for food and money. The company that Steve helped to create, and started in his own garage soon started to develop ideas that Steve didn't agree with, and soon the company fired jobs and sent him on his way. Once Steve left, the company soon began to crumble because he wasn't there to come up with good ideas. Those are some examples of the adversities that Steve Jobs faced, and he learned to persevere through them.

Effects on Steve Jobs

There are many effects that the adversities Steve Jobs faced, later helped him in his life, and career. One example of how Steve's adversities later helped him, was when he dropped out of college. Even though he dropped out, he was still forced to take the creative classes. Since he was forced to take creative classes, he learned a lot of things he wouldn't have if he wasn't forced to take those classes, and since he dropped out, he had a lot of extra time on his hands. With that time, and creativity he got from those classes, he got some friends together and started making and designing some things with technology in his garage. With what they made in the garage, they turned it into a business, and they created Apple. That is an example of one time where an adversity that Steve Jobs faced, helped him later in his life, and in his career.

Steve Jobs Perseverance

There are many ways how Steve Jobs persevered. One way is how Steve dropped out of college and was going down a really bad road, but he stepped up and did something about it. The adversity he faced was hard to overcome, but he was able to persevere and overcome it anyways. Instead of giving up on everything he has tried to do, he kept going and tried harder. He kept going, and studied, and worked hard. By persevering after the adversity he faced, he was able to start a very well known business. Another example of how Steve Jobs persevered, was when he was fired and replaced within Apple because nobody agreed with his ideas, but he tried harder, worked harder, and came back better than ever, with some of the best ideas the company has ever had. Those are some ways that Steve Jobs persevered through his adversities.