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La comida (Food)

In Unit 6, students are studying Costa Rican cuisine and food traditions around this diverse country. To your left is a picture of a typical Costa Rican meal, complete with rice and beans. Gallo pinto, rice and beans, is a must have at most meals.

Closing Dates

As we are currently in Week 6 of an 8-week course, it's vital to make sure that all are aware of upcoming closing dates. ALL coursework is due on August 5th. The coursework will close at midnight on the 5th. Students will then have until August 7th to complete the Final Exam/Project. The Schedule of Assignments linked here outlines all these dates clearly.

Need help?

Is your student in need of some extra help? The Peer Tutoring Center is an excellent option! I also highly recommend the use of our tutors with studying! I also highly recommend the Virtual Buddy program. If your student needs an extra push to help them stay on track with our course, our due dates, etc. please let me know and we can set something up!

You are invited!

Next week on the 30th at 4:30 pm, we have Culture Cafe presentations scheduled. Sra. Odom will be presenting a session called "Why Study Abroad?". Please feel free to join your student in on the sessions and see what all you can learn! You won't be disappointed. Students should take notes and then make sure to use them to complete their reflection for extra credit at the end.

The Learning Block

The Learning Block is a forum inside our course where I post daily announcements, reminders, celebrations, and instructional tips. This is the place in the course where the students can hear directly from me regarding conceptual topics in the course. When the student first opens Moodle, they are bounced directly into this forum. Many of the students are reading and responding to my comments there but I also still have students missing out on valuable instruction. Units 5 and 6 are probably the most challenging in the course and I have posted numerous videos, instructional strategies, study tips, etc. Please make sure your student is accessing the Learning Block every single day Monday - Friday.
The silly video below is one of those items that I might use in a Learning Block post to reinforce a topic we are learning about.
Shoe Verb

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