Exploring our Solar System

By Victoria

NASA Mission - Mars Exploration Rovers post -1900

Launching on June 7th & 10th in 2003 and landing on the 4th & 25th of January 2004 the twin rover geologers Spirit and Oppotunity both travelled to the planet Mars were they were in search to slove the mystery that there once was water on Mars.They were originally desiged for solo missions.The rovers were both posted on opposite sides of Mars so that the rovers could cover more ground.Both the rovers were part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program,they were searching for a wide range of rocks that could contain traces of water

Tecnologies that were used.

The tecnologe that the rovers used were the

pamcam - Determand the mineralogy,texture and structure.

Mricroscofic imager - For collecting close up images of soil and rock.

Magnents - Magnents were used to collect and analyze magnetic particles.

Particle X-ray spetrometer - A device that analyses the chemical element composition.


While the rovers were on Mars they found many rocks that contained traces of liquid and took photos and typed statistics that were later sent to NASA where they would study them.

Johannes Kepler Pre - 1900

Johanns Kepler was born on December 27th 1571 of German nationality. He was a mathematician, astronomer and astrologer and taught mathematics, he discovered 3 laws of planetary motion in 1609 which helped us to understand our solar system better. His laws were the planetary orbit is a circle. The sun is the center of the orbit the speed of the planet in orbit is constante

Tecnology that was used

Invented an improved version of the refracting telescope which he used to discover most of his laws.


Kepler played a key role in the scientific revolution that occurred in the 17th century, contributing a number of scientific breakthroughs including his famous laws of planetary motion.