U.S. Must Support the Allies

Germans invade belgium, Threaten to take over Paris.

Dear U.S Government,

We can't let anti-war propaganda influence are being in the war. I think the war is a good thing because of its ability to bring are country together as one, creating nationalism. These troops are devoting their live to this country. Some people do not understand how important this is for a country to stay a live and remain a global threat. We are the United States of America, the greatest country on earth , we have to keep that name by going to war and representing who we are.

Dear Author of "Gone, Gone Again",

What I got out of your poem was troops leaving families to go to war; boys becoming men. These aspects of a country are essencial in order to have a strong country. I think this poem represents nationalism because it's talking about what is happening to these countries; they're falling apart. America is still in one piece and will continue to stay that way.