Tech Double Shot

Two tech ideas to start off your week

Issue #1 - Hello World!

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#1 - What IS Learning?

As educators, we spend so much of our time concerned with the act of learning, but how often do we think and talk about what learning is?

What IS learning? How DO people learn? What is your own view on these questions? How do our colleagues answer these same questions?

Before worrying about the latest and greatest in education technology, it is worth taking a moment to consider these basic questions about learning. Our answers, whether we've thought of them lately or not, will inform everything we do as educators.

After you've thought it over, share your thoughts with a colleague or even with your students! You can also leave your thoughts on this topic on the related blog post on the new Blue Sky Space @ Dwight blog. I'll post my own opinion there in the near future. Who will be the brave one to post first?

BONUS TRACK: Learning Defined

If you need some more inspiration, check out the podcast that former Dwight NY teacher, Bishop Sand, did on the topic called "Learning Defined". This is the first episode in a series of podcasts on the topic of learning for Bishop's podcast, Sift.

#2 - Infomagical

Today is the first day of a campaign called Infomagical from WNYC"s technology podcast Note To Self. "Note to Self" was originally called "New Tech City", but its new name reflects the shows gradual shift from reporting on the tech scene in NYC to providing a truly unique focus on "essential quandaries for anyone trying to preserve their humanity in the digital age"

Infomagical (which you can still sign up for today) is a "series of experiments designed to help you find focus and discover the magic of clear thinking". Think of it as a way of tidying up the streams of information in your life so that you can focus on a significant goal, such as being more creative or more in tune with yourself. Are you up to the challenge? What would your goal be?

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