Jeremy Levitt

Respected Race Studies Expert and Media Pundit

About Jeremy Levitt

A distinguished professor of international law at the Center for International Law and Justice, Dr. Jeremy Levitt formerly served as a dean and vice-chancellor‘s chair with the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law. Dr. Jeremy Levitt’s additional experience includes serving as an associate dean for international programs with the Florida A&M University College of Law and as an associate professor of law with the Florida International University College Law.

An established authority on global human rights issues, Dr. Levitt has addressed the subject of human rights and race relations by authoring a number of books and articles, including Black Women and International Law, Hurricane Katrina: America’s Unnatural Disaster, and #Black Lives Matter and International Human Rights Law: The Ferguson Test.

In addition to his work with various academic publishers, Dr. Levitt has served as a regular contributor to both the Orlando Sentinel and the Chicago Sun Times. He also hosted The Dr. Jeremy Levitt Show on WVON’s Talk of Chicago and has appeared on a number of major news outlets to discuss his scholarship on race relations in the United States.