Independent Thinking

Naya H.


What is the Media?

I think the media is a way of communication to a group of people. Radio shows, billboards, television shows, magazines, blogs, podcast, and streaming videos are just a few mediums of media. I believe the media has an influence, both positive and negative, on societies and cultures. Nutrition, body image, violence, and even politics are ways the media influences people. I believe media is one of the top communication tools used today.With rapid advances in technology we can view and report multiple types of media from anywhere, at anytime. I do see media as being addictive and distracting. For example, earlier today I was looking up the definition for media literacy and 15 minutes later I was watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube. I think the media is a powerful mean because people can have a psychological addiction to the internet, a social media app and a game. I feel that people should be conscious of the media they view every second.

According to, media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. From that information I think to be media literate is to scrutinize, appraise, and build a way of communication. I believe if someone is media literate they have a better understanding of the media around them. Because the environment and technology is changing I feel being media literate is a great skill to have in today's world. I think media literate people will be able to understand what’s going on in more depth.


A Teenager Goes 24 Hours Without Using Social Media

I don't usually use social media on a daily so going 24 hours without social media wasn't bad at all. In fourth block, I opened snapchat to send something to a friend and then remembered that using snapchat was off limits. When I got home I kept myself busy by doing homework and researching colleges. I believe taking a break from social media is something everyone should do periodically.



About two weeks ago Ismat Raza posted a video of her opening a Lipton Green Tea with lemon teabag. She showed yellow colored specks that appeared only in the Green Tea with lemon teabags and claimed they were "living worms". This video received thousands of views and was share many times.

Liptons Response

After speculations about Lipton having worms in their teabags, they posted a video showing that the previously acclaimed worms are actually "lemon pieces that dissolve in hot water" and is safe to consume.

How Often Do I Double Check Facts?

I don't usually double check facts. If I only saw the video of the lady finding "worms" in the teabags I would have probably believed her until she said it's only in the Green Tea Lemon flavor.

What Do I Accept As Truth Before I Start a Conversation?

I don't usually accept it at all. I just see it as a comment or claim until I know undoubtedly. I usually approach the conversation by saying "is it true...?" or "I heard on CNN Student News that..."


How does the passage above reflect today’s society?

It's similar to todays advertisements. For example when listening to pandora or Spotify the same ads will play. When watching television it's not a challenge to recite the script of a commercial with the actress/actor. I feel it's because after repetitive stuff happens people become numb to it and it soon starts to become an automatic function.

Do you think that social media, sports, movies, reality TV all play a part of ‘controlling’ society so we don’t have to think about the bigger issues that affect our world today?

I think the people are definitely being distracted by entertainment. There's always something new going on. It's like a fad. For no more than a month many people will be interested in a topic but after that month is over there's a new topic for people to talk about. For example in 2015 there were the attacks in Paris, plane crashes, Bill Cosby and Quaaludes, deaths by police officers, Zendaya and Fashion Police, the amtrak train crash, and the Charleston Church shooting. While focusing on mainstream media we missed the release of the Law of War Manual, the Transatlantic Trade Partnership, wiretapping, vanishing doctors, CIA torture and much more. I was one of the people blinded by the media. I'd like to learn more about some of the topics like what the Law of War Manual is but I can't find much information.


What makes it powerful?

This was Hitler's attempt to take over Bavaria, Germany. He held people hostage inside of a beer hall and imposed his idea onto the people there so they would support him.

Why did Hitler want to act?

Like many other "takeovers", Germany was going through political problems. After World War 1, taxes were extremely high which hurt the economy. Hitler wanted the members of his party to grow.
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How did Hitler gain participants in the movement?

Hitler used force. He planned to take over during a time where people were looking for any leader with hope. He shot his gun in the air of the pub and through the ceiling declaring a "revolution" .

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Winston & Edward Snowden: similarities and differences.

I feel Winston Smith and Edward Snowden are similar because they both work/worked for the party and had access to secret files. Neither of them agree with what the party is doing. They also both wanted to rebel and tell the people what was going on.

Winston and Edward are different because of the way they responded to their finding. When Snowden found out he thought the people should know and told the citizens. When Winston found out he didn't tell anyone because he didn't know who he could trust. He didn't have the opportunity that Edward had.


O'Brien & Winston: Victims or Villains

I think O'Brien is a victim of the government. I believe he's a victim of the government because he's brainwashed into thinking that the government is amazing and if he wanted to float he could float because the government is that awesome.

I don't think Winston would be a Victim of the government or a villain for the government. I think he is a Villain of the government. He was really against the idea of the party and they weren't fond of him for that. Near the end of the story Winston was a victim of the government. He unfortunately became brainwashed by the government.


Entry #8

Looking back at my first Smore entry, my dislike for the media has deepened. My connection with social media isn’t how I would like it to be. I don’t consider social media as being necessary. Yes, it connects people, but it also disconnects people from their families, friends, and the world. As much as it brings people together, it tears people apart ten times worse. I believe social media is a huge waste of time and shouldn’t be used as much as it is used today. On average people spend 7 hours a day looking at a screen. In seven hours someone could fly to London, go horseback riding in the ocean, go on an African Surfari, attend a music festival, run a marathon, etc. I learned that we shouldn’t put our trust in media without having researched and deepened our knowledge. I also learned that we have to think on our own and can’t have the media influence us into thinking minimally or not thinking at all. Another thing I learned is that we have to question the system. If we don’t ask questions people could just take control, similar to the people in North Korea and the unanimous party voting that happened recently. Without asking any questions about the voting people celebrated the workers party by dancing and playing music in the streets of Pyongyang. This class is different from other language arts classes I have taken because it focuses on thinking. I do not think we learned material things, like something we could take a multiple choice test on. I feel what I learned in this class I can actually use. This class was decent, not very different from many other classes. Innovation is always good but I have no suggestions on how to make this class more than decent.

Entry #9 "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity"

Prince Ea's message was very truthful, he explained how our phones control us and how there's cyber addiction. Cell phones have become a media device instead of the intended purpose which was for verbal communication. Should cell phones be considered phones anymore? The future with theses mobile devices is not something I look forward to. To ensure that an addiction to a handheld device does not become a phenomenal problem, I feel people should limit their use of media and games. They could instead do something enjoyable with their life. For example instead of doing things just so one can post it on social media, they should do it for themselves and the enjoyment of living. For example I took many pictures and videos last year on a trip. This year I edited a video and the enjoyment of the video is no where near as close to the enjoyment that I had while I was there. People should relish the moment instead of posting about it because when you live in the moment it’s more enjoyable than the video. I’m not sure if one can control an addiction because an addiction does control the brain no matter the consequences but there could be a way to “hijack“ the brain and be in control of your actions. You could distract yourself for example instead of being on your phone in class you could draw. Instead of trolling on social media, you could workout, spend time with your friends or family, study, read, etc. Prince Ea said you can either “Take control or be controlled, Make a decision”. Controlling an addiction may not be easy but you’ll get the gift of living your life. Instead of being a slave to social media we could use it for good such as finding old friends, research, organizing events, raising awareness, etc.