Kindergarten Newsletter

Week Of May 6th

Highlights from last week....

This week was AMAZING! It was packed with all kinds of fun activities! Not only were we busy learning our curriculum, we also worked on our Mother's Day gift (shhhhh!!!) and learned our nursery rhymes for our play. SUPER FUN!!!

A peek at our learning this week....

This week our class will be reading stories about natural resources. Children will learn how they can use things in nature to create new things.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we will be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Vocabulary: natural resources, create Discuss different natural resources with your child. For example, talk about how we use trees to create, or make new things that people use every day.
  • My Words to Know

High-Frequency Words: where, look Write the words where and look, then ask your child to write each word. Think of sentences that include each word. Read the sentences together and have your child underline the words where and look.

Category Words: food made from grain Explain that grain is a plant grown in soil. Soil comes from the earth. Invite your child to cut out pictures of foods made from grain and make a collage.

Phonics: long o Have your child guess words that include the long o sound, as in no, hose, rose, bone, and rope. Give a clue and act out the word. When your child guesses the word, write it on a piece of paper and have your child circle the letter o.

In Math, we will be working on counting to 100 by tens and by ones.

WALK-A-THON - May 17th

We are having our Walk-a-thon on May 17th. Donation forms went home last week. The profit from this event will help fund our upcoming field trip. Thank you in advance for your support.


Our books that we worked on have been sent to the publisher. They came out fantastic!


MAY 17th KINDERGARTEN WALK-A-THON during school. A donation sheet was sent home with your children.



A Note from Miss Berube

Time is surely flying by! Thank you to everyone who purchased who purchased our classroom book! If you weren't able to and would like to, there will be another opportunity to purchase one once they come in.

We have been working hard on our nursery rhymes! Our play will be June 7th.

We practiced a fire drill this past week and your children did so amazing I am so proud of them!

Keep reading to your children every night and practicing their sight words. Thank you so much for all you do! Have a great week!

A Note from Mrs. Maillet

We had a great week! Our friends are working so hard on becoming first graders. We are really becoming great readers and writers. Please continue to practice your words and reading at home. Thank you for your continued support! This week we had two Workers of the Week. They were Klara and Brody!

Thank you to Maddy for the Clorox Wipes!!

Thank you to those that purchased our classroom book. If you did not get a chance to order, you will have another opportunity when the books come in. They came out great!

A note from Mrs. Webb

So much happening!!! Such a busy time of year!

Our Walk A Thon is May 17th. This is always a fun way to raise money for our field trip and end of the year activities. Thank you for anything you can raise for this fundraiser.

Our Nursery Rhyme play is June 7th at 1:00. We are already working hard getting ready for it!

The book we wrote was sent out to be bound. Orders should be back in a few weeks.

We will continue to work hard while having so much fun as we wind down our year!

Have a great week!

A Note from Mrs. Marcoux

I cannot believe it is the beginning of May already! This year is just flying by. Our class has made such great progress from the beginning of the year. I am so proud of each and every one of them.

Thank you to those who purchased the class book, they are adorable. Once the books come in, there will be another opportunity to order them if you'd like to.

Please keep reading with your children, they want to read to us all the time, it's such a great thing to be a part of! Also, please continue to practice their sight words, this will help them transition to first grade.

Thank you for the Clorox wipes donations, it is greatly appreciated!

Have a great week.

A note from Goldthwaite

WOW! We have only 29 more days left of school. We are working machines. We are getting to know parts of teen numbers. We are understanding what magic "e" does to our short vowels.

Charlotte had surgery Friday and is doing great. She loved our cards. We will see her soon.

Please be sure to ask for donations for our walk a thon. This is going to help with our class field trip. This is a great fundraiser. To clear up confusion. We collect money on or before the day of walk a thon. We are not asking for a donation for each lap that the students complete.

Please keep reading each day. This is helping our children to be great readers. Ask questions while reading the book. If you need some books for home reading. Please ask I will lend out some books to you.

Our class wish list: KLEENEX we are going through a box a day!! Lots of runny noses and colds. I do my best with washing the tables and keeping germs out. So more klorox wipes are always welcomed.