The Professional Library

Facilitating Staff Use

The Basics:

  • The library serves ALL patrons, including staff.
  • An ever evolving Professional Collection of both print and digital resources should be made available.
  • Library Media Specialist serves as a sounding board for ideas and inspiration, as well as a collaborator, guide, and friend.
  • Staff should be reading role models, and should frequently visit and feel comfortable in the library.

How Do We Get There?

  • Build relationships, build trust.
  • Get involved in the building, district, and community.
  • Go above and beyond to set the bar high and get buy-in.
  • Offer a "Menu of Services" and present it at beginning of the year.
  • Offer workshops on how to use resources.
  • Send a weekly or monthly newsletter about what is going on, what services are available, and any tech news.
  • Work with administration to help support Professional Development. This not only includes hosting workshops on library resources and technology, but also gathering materials and facilitating Action Research.
  • Be an integral role in the Action Research support team by gathering & storing resources, offering observations, and utilizing problem solving skills.