Smoking Cigarettes

By Kelly Rosemann and Kat Foster

Don't smoke, it's a joke.

Do you have any idea what smoking does to your body?


The nicotine in cigarettes are highly addictive. It changes your brain. It develops receptors to hold all the nicotine. Your body adapts to the tobacco too.


Smoking raises blood pressure. This results in a weakening heart. Over time, a weak heart will be unable to pump blood to parts of the body. Also, the cigarette smoke replaces some oxygen, making it even harder for the heart to work. You would have increased risks of heart disease and heart attacks.


When you smoke, you get inflammation of tissues and small airways in your lungs. You start to wheeze and have shortage of breathe. After time, you get a chronic cough with mucus... not fun.


When you smoke, there are signs that your body is under stress. One of them is the count of white blood cells stays high. This is a result of your body fighting off the damage tobacco leaves you. There is a higher risk of cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

Immune System

Cigarette smoke contains many bad chemicals that enter your body. This makes your immune system weaker. The more you smoke, the less effective it is at doing it's job which is to keep out infection. As a result, wounds and injuries will take longer to heal. Also, you are more immune to diseases.

How to Stop/Control Smoking

You can give your mouth something to chew on like sugar free gum or gum specified for smoke control. Also you can make a "quit plan" to help you realize how much nicotine your having.

When you quit smoking, your risk of having cancer, hearing loss, blindness, oral health problems, dry skin, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, amputation of ligaments, a chronic cough with mucus, shortness of breathing, respiratory infections, being fat, having bad memory, erectile dysfunction, high white blood cell count, tissues die, achy muscles, higher risk of broken bones, and lastly, DEATH.

Previous Ads

Before doctors and scientists figured out that smoking was very bad for your health, they aired commercials telling people that it was good for you to smoke without any real proof of it. Think of how many people started smoking because they thought some doctor on a random commercial told them it was good for their health, when later they died of cancer or heart disease.
Flintstones Winston Cigarettes Commercial (Rare)
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