The followers are sometimes called Jews

Central Teachings/Beliefs

Jews believe in Sabbath, a holy day that goes from Friday evening to Saturday evening. The Jews study Torah. They follow 10 amendments that are part of Gods laws. God considers all people equal with no injustice.


Some Jews eat no pork, shellfish, and they don't mix meat or meat products. When a boy reaches the age 13, he gets to have a Bar Mitzvah party. When a girl reaches the age 13, she gets to have a Bat Mitzvah party. A Mitzvah party is a celebration of a Jew being a young man/women
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Places of Worship

The Jews place of worship is Synagogues. This is the building where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious worship and instruction.
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Worship Leaders

The Jews worship leader is Rabbis, the teacher or guide of Torah
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Holy Book

The Jewish holy book is Tanakh, or Torah
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Holy Days/Holidays

One of the Jewish holy days is Rosh Hashanah. This means a new year and when fasting starts. Another one is Yom Kippur. This is the END of fasting and there's a celebration.

Holy Cities/Places

The wall in Jerusalem is called the Western Wall (sometimes called the Wailing Wall) for Jews. It is a very significant site for Jews.
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Common figure to all 3

The common figure for all three religions is Abraham. He was a profit. A profit is a person who preach the words of God. This is the same for all three religions.

View of God to all 3

All three religions believe in one God. This separated them apart from other religions.
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