the earth

come see the beautiful earth

The good Earth

The Earth is Beautiful, no doubt about it. The earth's name in greek is Gaea. It is the third planet from the sun (93 million miles). the period of rotation is 24 hours,period of revolution 365 days. The temperature averages from a low of 16 degrees f. and a high of 85 degrees f.

The Planet Earth

The earth is dying because of humanities stupidness

Stop littering, stop polluting, stop smoking, Stop, Think , Go Green!

Make Earth Worth It

Make Earth worth it

Make Earth worth it. Earth is a good place to live, and its the only one we have.

So, if you want to start recycling, think about plastic, paper, glass, and cans. Cars produce greenhouse gasses, so use public transportation and clean energy when you can. Start trying to save the earth. If we start now, then we could slow down the process and perhaps reverse the damage.