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First Grade Newsletter, January 26, 2015

25 Book Challenge "Half-Way" Celebration

Students who have read and recorded at least 13 books on their 25 Book Challenge sheet will be recognized on Monday, February 9th! Please encourage your child to continue reading and adding to the list. Allow her/him to select the books to be read. The books may be read by the child or the parent. What a great excuse to snuggle up and spend time together!

Reading with Children FAQs

My child finished reading her/his book. Now what?

Ask your child to retell the story including all important characters and events.

Ask your child what she/he thinks is the most important part of the story and why.

Have your child reread his/her favorite parts.

Have your child write, draw and/or speak his/her reaction to the events in the story.

Ask your child to predict what might happen to a character if the story continued.

What should I do if my child is struggling to retell the story?

Help your child focus before he/she begins to read. Say: Pay attention to what the author is saying.

Have your child retell after each paragraph, page or set of pages rather than waiting until the end of the book.

Have your child reread portions of the text.

Perhaps the book is too difficult for your child at this time; it may help to select a simpler book with which to practice this skill until your child's ability to retell improves.

Dates to Remember

January 28: Play it Safe Program in Classrooms

January 30: Bank, FAST

February 6: Spirit Day

February 9: 25 Book Challenge "Half-Way" Celebration

February 16: Student Holiday/Staff Professional Learning Day

February 18: Early Release 11:45

February 19: Early Release 11:45

February 23: Six Flags Read to Succeed Form Due to Library

This Week's Topics

Language Arts: Adding Descriptive Language to our Writing

Spelling: sh, ch, th, wh, Test February 6th (3 weeks)

Reading: Story Elements, Compare/Contrast

Math: Comparing Numbers 1-99

Social Studies: Timelines

Science: Seasons & Weather