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Week of January 11th

Dear Fulton Family,

Last Wednesday, the events on Capitol Hill left me speechless and filled with a variety of emotions. In addition to the incident at the Capitol Building, loss of opportunities to connect to peers, and the continued impact of the pandemic on our daily lives have created an environment where our children, staff, and families are struggling. The cumulative impact looks different for each of us but there are things we can do to foster resilience and healing regardless of your perspective.

On Thursday morning, Fulton along with other schools across the County, met as a staff to share resources for supporting our students and community. We know that many of our students have feelings about these events while others have little to no knowledge of what took place, as their parents have made the decision to shield them from information about the protests and violence in Washington D.C. Our staff is available to support any of our students that would like to process their feelings. Please reach out to your child's teacher or one of our Student Support Team members (Bully Busters) if your child needs support.

Mrs. Beth Shields, School Counselor

Mrs. Jessica Wilson-Carr, School Counselor

Mrs. Maria Brickely, School Psychologist

Ms. Nancy Hammer, School Psychologist

Mr. Bradley Dunagan, School Psychologist Intern

As a reminder, Dr. Martirano shared the following resources in his message last week. Please take a moment to look through them should you need a place to start. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) provides the following information for parents and educators to talk with children about violence.


Dr. Burks

News from Media!

Curbside pick-up of requested library materials has been extended ! All requested books can be picked up at Fulton Elementary School every Friday from 12:00 - 6:30 pm!

We encourage all students to check out materials from the Fulton library using curbside pickup procedures. Listed below are directions for setting up student accounts, how to put books on request for pick up, and a link to the FES library catalog!

Setting up student Accounts

Requesting Books

Fulton PAC

Please contact the media staff if you have any questions.

Liz Cerand - liz_cerand@hcpss.org

Maggie Fischer - margaret_fischer@hcpss.org

Carol Berstein - carol_berstein@hcpss.org

Fulton Community Cookbook

Did you know that we have a Fulton Community Cookbook? Mrs. Kanter one of our Gifted/Talented teachers, compiled recipes from students and staff to create our first Community Cookbook.

If you are feeling a little adventurous during this time of year, please check out some of the delicious recipes that some of our staff and students at FES contributed. You'll see the variety of family memories, cultures, and creativity embedded among the pages. Please click here to enjoy new recipes: FES Community Cookbook.

Additionally, if you and your family have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with our community. Please email the recipe to Mrs. Kanter (wendy_kanter@hcpss.org).

Thank you to those who contributed to our Community Cookbook!

Fulton Family Spotlight- A message from our Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Team

Celebrating Us!

Last month, our students were able to learn about different holiday traditions! A big thank you to the Amman family for sharing their traditions with us! Click here to see their spotlight if you missed it!

During the month of January, we will be celebrating Influential Leaders. An influential leader can do any job, but their main focus is making the world better for others!

Enjoy the resources below:

1. Interactive Slides featuring select Influential Leaders!

  • Click present and click on any symbol or photograph to find information!

2. Extra resources featuring books, read aloud, and games!

Lastly, do you influence others in your job? Are you working to make the world a better place? We would love to highlight you! Please take a minute to complete our Parent survey!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs.Gudenius (caitlyn_gudenius@hcpss.org)

Fulton Fireside Read Aloud Series

We are excited to bring you the Fulton Fireside Read Aloud Series. Please see below for more information and we hope to see you this Thursday for our first book!
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Winter MAP Testing for students in Grades 1st-5th Grade- SAVE THE DATE!

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment is designed to measure a student’s academic achievement and growth over time in reading and mathematics. In the fall, we administered MAP to our 2nd-5th grade students and this Winter HCPSS has expanded the testing to include 1st grade.

The winter administration will be delivered to grades 1-5:

  • February 3 - Reading (9-11am)
  • February 10 - Math (9-11am)

We will be providing more information as the date gets closer. Please mark your calendars for February 3rd and 10th.

Support Sessions to help submit incomplete assignments!

The last day of the quarter is Thursday, January 28. All missing assignments need to be submitted by this date in order to be given credit for report cards.

To help with this, we are offering support sessions. Your child can join their grade level Support Session and a staff member will be available to provide them their missing assignment.

If your child has incomplete assignments in English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, or Health, please have them join this session on Monday and Tuesdays:

Kindergarten: 2:50-3:10

1st Grade: 10:30-10:50

2nd Grade: 1:50-2:10

3rd Grade: 2:50-3:10

4th Grade: 10:30-10:50

5th Grade: 1:50-2:10

Please note that all related arts classes will be graded on this second quarter report card. These grades will be derived from the synchronous and asynchronous assignments for the entire first semester.

If your child has incomplete assignments in Related Arts, please have them join a Wednesday Support session for their grade level.

If you have questions about particular assignments or grades in any of your child’s courses, we encourage you to contact that teacher directly in the coming weeks.

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The PTA Perch

Don't forget to join us for our upcoming PTA meeting. It will be held this Tuesday, January 14th at 7:00pm and you can join by using this login information:


Join by phone

(US) +1 475-441-5053 (PIN: 527921592)

Upcoming events:

2/2: 11am-9pm Galliano

2/10: 6am-10pm ChickFila

2/24: River House Pizza kits pickup. River House Pizza Co. in Ellicott City is partnering with our school for a pizza kit fundraiser!

Use the link below to order your pizza kit, pizza stone, or pizza peel by February 9th. River House Pizza Co. will distribute all orders on Wednesday, February 24th from 4:30-6:30pm in Maple Lawn (on Harrison Street).

PTA will receive 20% of proceeds!


March: As a way to provide a fun enrichment activity to all of our students (RECC through 5th), we partnered with the National Aquarium for a virtual field trip. Each grade will virtually “visit” the aquarium on different dates in mid March. There is no fee for this event. More details coming soon.

Upcoming Dates

  • January 12th: PTA Meeting 7:00pm

  • January 13th: Black Student Achievement Program 6:00pm

  • January 14th: Hammond Middle School 6th Gr Orientation

  • January 18th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Schools & Offices Closed

  • January 28th: End of 2nd Marking Period

  • January 29th: Schools Closed for Students- Professional Work Day for Staff

Save the Date: Winter Parent Conferences on February 10th and 11th. More information about how to sign up and available times coming soon.

Worth Repeating!

Celebrations of Academic Achievement

The Council of Elders of the Black Community of Howard County (TCOE) in partnership with the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) hosts an annual Celebration of Academic Achievement to acknowledge and honor students of African and African-American heritage across the county.

This year’s Celebration of Academic Achievement will honor approximately 2,813 students who are currently in grades 4 - 9 and have achieved the following levels of academic success during the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Grades 4 – 6: Students must earn As or Bs in all areas under language arts AND mathematics for all four marking periods. Students cannot earn Ds or Es in any of the following subjects: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and health education for all four quarters.
  • Celebration will occur January 13, 2021 @ 6:00 PM via Zoom

Fulton Elementary School

Tanisha Burks, Principal

Molly Caroland, Assistant Principal

Leslie Brickner, Assistant Principal