Asperger's Disease

By: Anne Rash


An autistic disorder mainly from the delayed difference of intelligence and social abilities in a person.


Problems with social skills, repeating behaviors, odd rituals, communication difficulties, talented or skilled, and limited interests.
10 Aspergers Symptoms

Cause and Diagnosis

The cause of this disease is unknown. The diagnosis is best informed by teachers, parents, caregivers, and doctors, that has observed the person.
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Treatments, percent of population, and what gender gets the most

Treatments include school programs, improving communication, social, and behavior skills. About .2% of the population gets this disorder.

Interesting facts and prognosis

There is no cure for this disorder. Girls with this disorder tend to copy people at anytime. Children with Asperger’s will tell you that they know they are different from their peers. Adults tend to self-isolate for a number of reasons including sensory comfort and ease, not fitting in or wanting to do the same activities as peers.
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